External Memories

Fine Art Photography by Emma Broadleaf

Photography was a part of my life before my first childhood memories. I grew up being photographed. My first memories are a hazy mixture of real recollections and baby pictures I saw too many times. I remember the chunky 110 Fisher-Price camera that was in my hands when my father took me out fishing better than the trips themselves.

I loved the experience from the first moment. Weekends and summers were often spent in the outdoors with my father. Star-filled skies and yearly trips to Cape Hatteras cemented within me a deep affinity for infinite spaces and the endless beauty of the world.

I know there is a science behind art, and also that each human mind holds its own secrets about what makes something beautiful. I do not seek to ferret out these last bits of art and pin specimens to identification cards. I only want to learn what there is to know, to learn from those that have come before and those around me now, and then to pass on what I have found.

Beyond my passion to make photographs that clearly speak of vision to the world, one of my greatest desires is to help others to see the beauty in all things. In pursuit of this, I attended classes at Santa Rosa Junior College in 2014 and 2015 and at Shoreline Community College since 2016. The rest of my brilliant master plan involves half a decade more of school, graduating with an MFA, then teaching classes myself.